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Journal articles and book chapters

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Other popular and non-refereed publications

Lentini, PE, Peel, A, Field, H, and Welbergen, JA (2020) No, Aussie bats won’t give you COVID-19. We rely on them more than you think. The Conversation, 30 April: 

Kirk, H, Wintle, B, Visintin, C, Thomas, F, Parris, K, Soanes, K, Lentini, PE, and Bekessy, S (2020) Want to help save wildlife after the fires? You can do it in your own backyard. The Conversation, 25 February:

Soanes, K, and Lentini, PE (2019) The 39 endangered species in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other Australian cities. The Conversation, 2 April:

Currey, KC, Kendal, D, van der Ree, R, and Lentini, PE (2018) Manager perspectives on strategies used at flying-fox camps. National Environmental Research Program Threatened Species Recovery (TSR) and Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hubs, Melbourne. Download here

Lentini, PE and Welbergen, JA (2016). Managing tensions around urban flying-fox roosts. Ecological Society of Australia Hot Topics,

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Lentini, PE (2012) The conservation value of Australia’s Stock Route Network: a multi-taxonomic approach to management and planning. Doctoral Thesis. Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University, Canberra (download here, 6.9MB)

Lentini, PE (2007) Effects of salinity and intraspecific competition on tadpoles of the brown tree frog, Litoria ewingii. Honours Thesis. School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, Clayton.


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